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Hackers tricked GoDaddy into helping attacks on cryptocurrency services

Engadget - Sat, 11/21/2020 - 4:09pm
GoDaddy’s 2020 security woes aren’t over. KrebsOnSecurity has found that hackers tricked GoDaddy employees into handing ownership or control of multiple cryptocurrency services’ web domains, inadvertently aiding attacks that brought sites down. It’s...

OnePlus 9 Pro leak hints the curved screen is here to stay

Engadget - Sat, 11/21/2020 - 3:20pm
Don’t expect the OnePlus 8T’s flat display to carry forward to the company’s next-gen flagship. OnLeaks and Voice have posted what’s claimed to be early renders of the OnePlus 9 Pro, and the design appears to maintain the curved display surface of th...

US, Europe and SpaceX launch a satellite to track rising global sea levels

Engadget - Sat, 11/21/2020 - 2:43pm
Scientists should soon have an easier time studying rising sea levels as climate change takes hold. NASA and the ESA have partnered with SpaceX to launch the Sentinel 6 Michael Freilich ocean tracking satellite. The spacecraft will gauge sea levels w...

Tesla won't face a fight over California's latest COVID-19 restrictions

Engadget - Sat, 11/21/2020 - 1:42pm
California is once again instituting restrictions to keep COVID-19 in check, but it’s not going to risk pushback from Tesla this time around. Reuters reports the state’s Health Department has determined that workers at Tesla’s Fremont factory are con...

These 10 wireless earbuds are on sale before Black Friday

Engadget - Sat, 11/21/2020 - 12:55pm
Wireless earphones are now the norm. They also are one of the hottest items to give or receive this upcoming holiday season, especially for tech enthusiasts. So, to help you avoid crowded spaces and website crashes, we've rounded up 10 incredible dea...

Google extends Chrome support for Windows 7 until 2022

Engadget - Sat, 11/21/2020 - 12:47pm
Google will keep providing updates for Chrome on Windows 7 for six months longer than it originally planned. The tech giant announced in January this year that it’ll stop supporting the browser for the old Windows OS on July 15th, 2021. Now, though,...

Disney 'Peter Pan,' 'Pinocchio' remakes may skip theaters in favor of streaming

Engadget - Sat, 11/21/2020 - 11:45am
Disney’s shift toward streaming could have a dramatic effect on some of its highest-profile releases. Deadline sources understand the company is considering releasing live-action remakes Cruella, Peter Pan and Wendy and Pinocchio on Disney+ rather th...

ICYMI: An in-depth look at Apple's MacBook Air M1

Engadget - Sat, 11/21/2020 - 11:00am
Although there weren’t quite as many new products to review this week as there were in the previous couple of weeks, the devices we did get our hands on were impressive. We put Apple’s new MacBook Air with M1 system-on-chip to the test, as well as AM...

Hitting the Books: The spectacular financial failures of Fisker Automobiles

Engadget - Sat, 11/21/2020 - 10:30am
Being the trailblazer of a new industry is rarely the enviable position many expect it to be. Not only must you create products, techniques and strategies from scratch, your competition is free to simply observe your failures and improve improve upon...

iPhone 12 Pro Max teardown reveals a truly huge main camera

Engadget - Sat, 11/21/2020 - 10:25am
It’s no secret that Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro Max boasts a larger main camera, but it’s now clear just how enormous that sensor really is. iFixit has posted a teardown of the iPhone 12 Pro Max that illustrates the camera size in vivid detail. While the c...

The Morning After: The best deals we could find before Black Friday

Engadget - Sat, 11/21/2020 - 9:52am
How many of us were around for the launch of Windows 1.0 35 years ago? Even if you weren’t, you probably experienced an iteration or two of Microsoft’s operating system along the way, but that GUI floating above MS-DOS is where things got their start...

Black Friday Lenovo laptop sale: $968 for Lenovo ThinkPad T490S, $950 for Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga Gen 4 and more - CNET

CNet Tech News - Sat, 11/21/2020 - 9:21am
Save on ThinkPads, Yoga convertibles and affordable yet powerful Legion gaming laptops.

The Petersen Museum is closed, but you can still see the incredible supercars exhibition - Roadshow

CNet Tech News - Sat, 11/21/2020 - 9:00am
This exhibit looks at the genesis of the supercar and explores some of the greatest cars to wear the title.

30 best iPad games for kids of all ages - CNET

CNet Tech News - Sat, 11/21/2020 - 9:00am
We've got a list of age-appropriate games so parents can worry less about what their kids are playing.

Recommended Reading: Apple's AR secret weapon is already in your pocket

Engadget - Sat, 11/21/2020 - 9:00am
Apple's secret weapon in AR is right in front of usScott Stein, CNETSure, Apple is supposedly working on an augmented- or mixed-reality headset that’s been rumored repeatedly, but the company is flexing its AR muscle with a device you already have. C...

Amazon Black Friday 2020 deals are here: These are the top picks - CNET

CNet Tech News - Sat, 11/21/2020 - 8:49am
Get a Mavic Mini for $359 (or less) and score Prime Day pricing on Ring doorbells, Roku streamers and more -- with other big discounts coming soon.

Home Depot Black Friday deals start now: Shark vacuum cleaner $150, LG smart refrigerator $1,798 and more - CNET

CNet Tech News - Sat, 11/21/2020 - 8:21am
Save $650 on the LG refrigerator and $100 on a Ryobi six-piece cordless tool combo.

Best kitchen sitewide sales for Black Friday: Vitamix, Always Pan, Staub and more - CNET

CNet Tech News - Sat, 11/21/2020 - 7:45am
Some of the best kitchen brands have announced sitewide sales, and the deals are legit.

Charli D'Amelio will be the first person to hit 100 million TikTok followers - CNET

CNet Tech News - Sat, 11/21/2020 - 7:00am
Here's how a 16-year-old from Connecticut achieved social media superstardom against the odds.